Mitchell Pritchard

AGL Macquarie

Mitchell is a high voltage electrician / electrical fitter to the Mining and Energy Industries. Returning to AGL Macquarie in 2017 after completing his electrical apprenticeship there in 2014, Mitchell is a hands-on electrical worker and Team Leader, dedicated to supporting safety in operations and to the elimination of risks for electrical workers.

As part of his growing safety leadership at AGL Macquarie, Mitchell acts as vice-chair of the Executive Safety Committee and as the younger workers subject matter expert to the Electrical Safety Forum.

A determination to represent the safety needs of younger workers in the area of Electrical Arc Flash resulted in Mitchell being selected to represent AGL Macquarie on two electrical arc flash technical panels and publications – most recently the Australian Energy Councils (AEC) Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline (released in March 2019).

Mitchell’s work to articulate the unique needs of young electricians, and his experiences of ‘if & when’ electricians become vulnerable when working in and around electrical arc flash have resulted in the Electrical Industry defining the most relevant ‘human factors’ that are contributing to arc flash accidents of electrical workers. Far from having ‘all of the answers’ Mitchell’s contribution to the two electrical arc flash technical panels and publications will have a lasting impact for electrical workers work practices and for the Australian Health & Safety industry.

As a proud Indigenous man and NSW Upper Hunter region resident, Mitchell has been involved in development of the AGL Reconciliation Action Plan and in volunteering at the (Tasmanian Devil) Devil Ark Conservation Program in Barrington Tops.