Bronwyn Reid

Small Company, Big Business

Bronwyn Reid is a small business owner and entrepreneur whose passion is helping small business grow by taking on contracts with large organisations.

Her latest venture – Small Company, Big Business – will be her third startup, all from the regional Queensland base of Emerald.

Bronwyn has been on this journey herself. Her award-winning environmental consultancy began with a contract from an international agribusiness agency, and it has won contracts with every major mining company operating in Australia including BHP and Rio Tinto as well as working extensively with agribusiness clients and Government.

All the knowledge and experience Bronwyn has gained over her years of developing her own business and dealing with large companies is brought together in her book Small Company, Big Business, and its accompanying program.

Bronwyn is a driven and vocal advocate for regional businesses, and is a key stakeholder in an initiative which is taking a strategic approach to regional business development – the Bowen Basin Business Development Strategy. Her firm belief is that sustainable businesses are a pre-requisite for sustainable regional communities.

Bronwyn currently serves on the Local Buying Community Foundation Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety ‘Safety Leadership at Work’ Expert Reference Group, chosen for her familiarity with safety issues across both the agribusiness and mining sectors.