Kelly Lovely

AGL Macquarie

Kelly supports the Health & Safety industry and safety in operations through the performance of purposeful work and effective program management. She is a trained executive coach and has a proven track record in influencing others and their teams to consider their safety leadership style and safety culture activities and outcomes.

Starting out her career as an Occupational Therapist and with qualifications in safety science, business administration and psychology of risk, Kelly has influenced positive safety outcomes, led teams and governance programs and developed people toward better safety leadership and cultural outcomes for over two decades. In her roles, Kelly has had many heavy safety and environmental compliance and governance experiences and has had lots of opportunities to reflect on “what works and what doesn’t”.

Currently leading the Enforceable Undertaking Program at AGL Macquarie and representing AGL at the Australian Energy Council OHS Working Party, Kelly shares her experiences in transforming safety the “hard way” through enforceable undertaking activities and the other direct actions of state or federal regulators.