Why health and safety matters in a workplace

Why health and safety matters in a workplace

It’s now common practice to have a reliable workplace health and safety system in place – but what is an emerging trend is to go over and above legislative requirements for WHS and instead focus on a culture of positive practices.

The NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo is the state’s only regional event for workplace health and safety. It provides an opportunity for regionally based businesses to access a quality, worldclass event with a range of educational and interesting information to stay relevant and find real solutions to your top challenges.

Whilst WHS is about more than just the ‘safety’ element, the fact is, that there is still too many workplace accidents and deaths. Statistics show that between the months of January and August 2017, 110 Australian workers have already been killed at work. Of the 110 fatalities, the highest number of cases (46) came from the transport, postal and warehousing industry. There were 23 fatalities that occurred in agriculture, forestry and fishing workplaces, and 18 were from the construction sector.

When companies have a well-executed work health and safety system, workers are less likely to encounter workplace injuries.

Here are just some reasons for maintaining an efficient WHS program in your workplace:

Benefits your bottom line

Implementing an effective WHS plan in your organisation isn’t only about improving your worker’s wellbeing and overall quality of life but also your business’ bottom line.

In fact, Safe Work Australia reveals that businesses are spending $60 billion each year on costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.

The costs are reduced, however, for as low as 40 percent for those who have solid WHS management system in place.

Makes good sense for the business

Besides protecting your business from the potential liabilities and costs caused by serious incidents, having exceptional WHS policies provides your people ideal and standardised working environment and facilities.

Although executing safety measures and installing safety equipment can be expensive, the consequences of not putting them into practice can be much more expensive.

Improves employee productivity

When employees feel safe and comfortable in their work areas, they can focus more on their tasks instead of thinking more about their safety conditions.

This gives them the confidence and motivation to report for work daily, and as a result, absenteeism drops. And when employees’ productivity improves so as the company’s profit margins.

Boosts customer loyalty

Implementing efficient WHS protocols and making your employees understand them is an excellent way to avoid any work-related health and safety issues from arising. If your workers are physically and mentally fit, they can fulfill their responsibilities and serve your customers properly. And customers choose and stick to businesses who can give them the level of attention they think they deserve. Needless to say, happy and loyal customers are good for the business.

Get involved with the NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo

Each one of us has a role to play in keeping our work environment safe and healthy. To help you gain a better understanding of the importance of workplace health and safety, the NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo invites you to this worldclass, regional event.

The high quality speakers will deliver a wide range of presentations, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, targeted sessions and masterclasses.

The exhibition element of the event allows attendees to gain valuable information, test out products and speak directly to representatives.

The regional location of Newcastle NSW provides an overall lower price point for attendees and their organisations, without diminishing the quality of the event itself. There is a wide range of accommodation options, as well as activities to partake in, before or after the event.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, the NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo can help you obtain deeper knowledge about workplace safety, mental health, hygiene, well being, resilience, technology and leadership while at the same time network with a wide range of industry experts and professionals.