Devastated mum’s mission to make safety accountable and reign in a law

Devastated mum’s mission to make safety accountable and reign in a law

Patrizia Cassaniti, after the tragic loss of her 18-year-old son, Christopher, is campaigning for better safety standards. 

In AprilChristopher Cassaniti was crushed and suffocated to death by 17 metres of fallen scaffolding at his Macquarie Park worksite.   

Patrizia and her family are fighting justice, lobbying for #ChristophersLaw.

She hopes to encourage new legislation that provides workers the right to remove themselves from a dangerous situation if they feel unsafe, without fear of persecution. 

“I promise, I’ll continue until it’s done. Christopher and all the others who have died at work, will not have died in vain,” she vowed. 

Patrizia and her husband, Rob, are also campaigning for the introduction of better industrial manslaughter charges in New South Wales, similar to those that are already in place in Victoria and Queensland. 

Police investigations are currently underway, but are expected to be lengthy, and Patrizia and Rob hope #ChristophersLaw makes a difference even before the investigations are complete. 

We feel devastated and empty by the loss of our beautiful boy. While nothing can bring our son back, we don’t want his death to be just another statistic. 

Christopher Cassaniti’s story is a tragic example of what can happen when safety at work isn’t treated as a top priority.  

To hear Patrizia’s talk about her fight for #ChristophersLawpurchase tickets for the 2019 NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo here.