Chat Safety – the human side of safety

Chat Safety – the human side of safety

By Alan Newey

Chat Safety was born from the ashes of a workplace accident in where I lost might right dominant arm.  My real experience in Occupation Heath and Safety was not taught at school it came from going through a serious workplace injury in which I lost my right dominant arm.

Through the process of years of rehab I had to deal with the following points.

  • Workplace accident
  • The effect on family and friends
  • Workplace culture
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Workplace complacency
  • Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Worksafe investigation
  • Coping with a prosthetic limb
  • Hospital to rehabilitation

My presentation confronts workers from the shop floor to the CEO. From the presentation we confront issues from the non reporting of near misses, no communication, plant and machinery safety, complacency and no matter what field your work in, there is risk.

The human side of safety which is the injured party, work colleges, family friends and the flow on effects which affects others.

I challenge representatives from all levels of a companies and personally to use their imagination how they would cope with a serious workplace incident in their own workplace.

By this I get all who are there to see the ramifications of a workplace accident. This promotes discussions on any issue someone might have. The result is you get people talking and listening to each other. This has the flow on affect of solutions being discussed and implemented, thus reducing the risk of a workplace incident, which goes towards creating a safer work environment.

I always chat with workers from the shop floor, to the CEO and everyone in between to gauge their view and any issues they may have about their own working environment and what they wish to achieve. By this I am able to tailor my presentations for maximum affect and benefit to all concerned in any organisation. This process is repeated all around the country at my presentations, helping to create a safer workplace.

At the end of day I hope all that attend take something away with them that they can use to help with creating a safer workplace, hopefully preventing a workplace accident so themselves and others don’t have to go through what I and other have.

Refocusing CEO’s, management and all other personnel on what can happen if they don’t respect safety. This is a big part of showing the Human Side of Safety, no one want to go home injured or not go home.

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