Australia’s first bionic man set to share the human side of safety

Australia’s first bionic man set to share the human side of safety

The Bionic Man, Alan Newey, was the first person in Australia to be fitted with a mind-controlled bionic arm. 

At 35 years old, Alan lost his right dominant arm to a conveyor belt accident and spent many years in recovery and rehabilitation.  

Alan will be giving a real insight into his life-changing experience at the upcoming NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo. 

Seventeen years after his accident, Alan was the first person to trial the bionic arm through a Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) operation which links the remaining nerves on his amputated arm to muscles that no longer work. 

TMR allows the neural information needed to move the arm and hand to be accessible again, so that when Alan thinks naturally of moving the elbow, the prosthetic elbow will move.  

Alan now presents to groups on the Human Side of Safety’ – the effects of his workplace accident and the impact on himself and his family.  

The human side of safety is the injured party, work colleagues, family, friends, and the flow on effect on others,” Alan said. 

My presentation confronts the issues and effects of a workplace accident, and not only addresses the sequence of events leading up to my accident, but also issues surrounding occupational health and safety today. 

At the end of the day, I hope all that attend take something away with them that they can use to help with creating a safer workplace,” Alan continued. 

Hopefully preventing a workplace accident so themselves and others dont have to go through what I and others have. 

To hear Alans incredible keynote on the Human Side of Safety, purchase tickets for the 2019 NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo here.